NaProMedica is an infertility treatment clinic, established in January 2009 as the first medical facility of this type in Poland. Its main founder was Dr Tadeusz Wasilewski.

The mission of Napromedica is women’s and family health care, accomplished through highly specialised medical assistance, as well as education and promotion of healthy lifestyle enhancing natural fertility in both women and men.

We offer a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatment methods for marital infertility, including Naprotechnology.

Naprotechnology is based on a detailed observation of a woman’s body during her menstrual cycle. The causes of infertility are discovered using ultrasoundhormone testing and endoscopy.

The infertility treatment includes ovarian stimulation and cycle supplementation with medications that enhance and support the natural menstrual cycle. If necessary, surgical methods may also be implemented to restore fertility.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with our entire offer and to visit the NaProMedica Clinic.