Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Usually, when natural family planning methods are brought up, modern women think that they are ineffective and old-fashioned.

Today, there are many valuable research-based symptom-thermal methods. They do not involve any pre-established measurements (as was the case with the ineffective calendar-based method), but engage determination of biomarkers observed on daily basis (vaginal discharge of any kind, body temperature etc.). Study reports on the effectiveness of symptom-thermal methods have been published in professional medical journals for a long time.

Observation of the biomarkers allows for the determination of the fertile and infertile time of the menstrual cycle. Importantly, it is also an invaluable source of information on general condition, including procreative and gynaecological health.

Our clinic offers a full course in the Creighton Model System, conducted by certified instructors. This method can be used in order to avoid, postpone or  achieve pregnancy.

Is the Creighton Model right for me?

Any woman wishing to live in harmony with herself, to understand her menstrual cycle and correctly interpret any gynaecological irregularities can take advantage of our menstrual cycle observation courses using the Creighton Model System. As a standardized method of the vaginal discharge recording system, it is adjusted to the needs of every woman, regardless of her age.

The Creighton Model can be used:

  • with regular and irregular menstrual cycles
  • with anovulatory cycles
  • after discontinuing oral contraceptives
  • while breastfeeding
  • before menopause
  • …and in any other situations!

More information about the Creighton Model System is available here.